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 ===== 3D Primitives ===== ===== 3D Primitives =====
-‘3D’ ​means three (3) dimensional ​having ​three dimensions.+‘3D’ ​stands for three (3) dimensional. A 3D primitive is any shape that has three dimensions, which are often called width, depth, and height (or X, Y, Z.) 3D shapes have a known volume if closed.
-The three dimensions ​are often called ​length, width and height, or X, Y, Z.+{{ :​wiki:​mathisfun-3d.svg?​nolink&​145 |}} 
 +The mathematical study of 3D shapes and dimensions ​is called ​[[https://​​wiki/​Solid_geometry|solid geometry]].
 ==== Resolution of Shapes ==== ==== Resolution of Shapes ====