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 <code javascript>​ <code javascript>​
 let a = color("​Red",​sphere()) let a = color("​Red",​sphere())
-let b = color([1,​0.5,​0.3],​sphere()) +let b = color([1, 0.5, 0.3],​sphere()) 
-let c = color([1,​0.5,​0.3],​sphere(10),​cube(20))+let c = color([1, 0.5, 0.3, 0.6],​sphere(10),​cube(20))
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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 <code javascript>​ <code javascript>​
 let a = object.setColor(css2rgb('​dodgerblue'​)) let a = object.setColor(css2rgb('​dodgerblue'​))
-sphere().setColor(1,​0.5,​0.3) +let b = sphere().setColor(1,​ 0.5, 0.3) 
-sphere().setColor([1,​0.5,​0.3,​0.7])+let c = sphere().setColor([1,​ 0.5, 0.3, 0.7])
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-The CSG library functions use RGB values between 0 and 1, not 0 and 255. +//Note: There are known issues with transparency, and depending on the order of colors, ​objects may not seem transparent. ​Try different '​alpha'​ values or colors.//
- +
-Note: There are some Transparency_Sorting|OpenGL Transparency Limitationse.g. and depending on the order of colors, ​you might not see through otherwise partially ​transparent ​objects.+
 === Color Space Conversion === === Color Space Conversion ===