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 ==== Hull ==== ==== Hull ====
-You can convex hull multiple 2D polygons (e.g. circle(), square(), polygon()) together.+Several shapes ​can be combined together to form the convex hull, i.e. sum of the outside shellsThis includes irregular shapes such as combining a circle ​with a square. 
 +//Note: Convex hulls can be viewed as elastic wrapping around several shapes.// 
 +//​[[https://​​wiki/​Convex_hull|Learn more about convex hull at]]//​
 <code javascript>​ <code javascript>​
-var h = hull( square(10),circle(10).translate([10,10,0]) )+let h = hull(square(10),​ translate([5, 10, 15], circle(10)))
 </​code>​ </​code>​