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A three dimensional shape where connecting faces create a solid. Each face is a three dimensional polygon (a flat shape with straight sides).

Learn about polyhedrons at

Create a polyhedron with a list of points and a list of triangles or polygons. The point list is all the vertexes of the shape, the triangle list is how the points relates to the surfaces of the polyhedron

polyhedron({      // openscad-like (e.g. pyramid)
  points: [ [10,10,0],[10,-10,0],[-10,-10,0],[-10,10,0], // the four points at base
            [0,0,10] ],                                  // the apex point 
  triangles: [ [0,1,4],[1,2,4],[2,3,4],[3,0,4],          // each triangle side
               [1,0,3],[2,1,3] ]                         // two triangles for square base

Additionally you can also define `polygons: [ [0,1,4,5], [..] ]` too, not just `triangles:`.

You can also create a polyhedron at a more low-level.

var polygons = [];
polygons.push(new CSG.Polygon([
      new CSG.Vertex(new CSG.Vector3D(-5,-5,0)),
      new CSG.Vertex(new CSG.Vector3D(2,2,5)),
      new CSG.Vertex(new CSG.Vector3D(3,3,15))
// add more polygons and finally:
solid = CSG.fromPolygons(polygons);