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 ==== Scale ==== ==== Scale ====
-<code javascript>​ +Shapes can be scaled by any factor. Shapes are enlarged ​(increasesor shrunk ​(diminishesby a scale factor. The result of scaling is a similar shape (in the geometric senseto the original.
-var obj = sphere(5)+
-scale(2,obj);          // openscad like +
-scale([1,2,3],obj);    //      '' ​+
-obj.scale([1,​2,​3]);    // using CSG objects'​ built in methods+//​[[https://​​wiki/​Scaling_(geometry)|Learn about the scaling shapes at]]//​ 
 +  * factor : 1.0 or [1.0,​1.0,​1.0] 
 +<code javascript>​ 
 +let obj = sphere(5) 
 +obj = scale(2,​obj) 
 +obj = scale([1,​2,​3],obj)
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +The CSG library functions can also be used. //NOTE: Deprecated in the V2 API//
 +<code javascript>​