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A three dimensional shape like a ball, where every point on the surface is the same distance from the center.


Learn about spheres at

Creates a sphere at the requested center. The radius argument determines the size of the sphere. The resolution option determines the number of segments to create in 360 degrees of rotation.

Note: See the start of 3D Primitives for information about the resolution of three dimenional shapes.


  • radius : 1 or [1,1,1]
  • center : [0,0,0]
  • resolution : Resolution3D (12)
sphere({r: 2});                    // Note: center:true is default (unlike other primitives, as OpenSCAD)
sphere({r: 2, center: true});     // Note: OpenSCAD doesn't support center for sphere but we do
sphere({r: 2, center: [false, false, true]}); // individual axis center 
sphere({r: 10, fn: 100 });
sphere({r: 10, fn: 100, type: 'geodesic'});  // geodesic approach (icosahedron further triangulated)

In case of ``type: 'geodesic'`` the fn tries to match the non-geodesic fn, yet, actually changes in steps of 6 (e.g. fn=6..11 is the same), fn = 1 reveals the base form: the icosahedron.

The CSG library functions can also be used. NOTE Deprecated in the V2 API

  center: [0, 0, 0],
  radius: 2,                      // must be scalar
  resolution: 128