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-JSCAD User Guide+====== Welcome to JSCAD User Guide ======
-[[jscad_quick_reference|JSCAD Quick Reference]] +JSCAD (formally know as OpenJSCAD) provides a programmer’s approach to develop 3D models. In particular, this functionality is tuned towards creating precise models for 3D printing. 
-  * [[quick_reference_shapes|Primitive Shapes]] + 
-  * [[quick_reference_transforms|Shape Transformations]]+JSCAD provides 
 +  * ability to create and manipulate 3D models, as well as 2D models 
 +  * ability to use JavaScript programming concepts, and libraries 
 +  * ability to save 3D models as STL (and other) formats 
 +JSCAD is available as 
 +  * [[http://​|]] 
 +  * Application (on the [[https://​​en-us/​p/​openjscad/​9nblggh6j6j9|Microsoft Store]]) which links to: http://​​ which affords a version of OpenJSCAD which supports [[https://​​blockly/​|Blockly]] 
 +  * Command Line 
 +  * [[https://​​jscad|Libraries and Source]] 
 +Click on any of the topics on the left to find out more about JSCAD. 
 +The contents of this site are maintained by the [[https://​​ | JSCAD User Group]]. Any questions about the contents should be asked there. 
 +All access is granted via making an account at [[https://​|GitHub]].